Angela Feigl joins the Intersect to talk about the use of business simulations in the workplace, including what they are, why you should care and the best way to leverage business simulations for a fully immersive learning experience.

Oh and don't miss her insights at the end of the podcast on traveling the US in a RV!


Reshan Richards and Steve Valentine join The Intersect to talk about how applying their teaching backgrounds in business environments led to their new book, Make Yourself Clear. They give some examples on how to use a teaching mindset, what's resonated with their book, why teachers are misunderstood in business and how to bridge the gap between academia and the workplace.

Digital transformation leader Michael Leckie joins The Intersect to talk about the importance of the human side of digital transformation, how his new book focuses on the individual in an organization and lots more.

Spoiler alert: stick around til the end to get the inside on a well-kept secret to explore in Michael's home state!

Robert Gadd from OnPoint Digital joins The Intersect to discuss how he, as a learning technology vendor, works with organizations to add value to their learning efforts, the type of problems they seek his expertise on, what's around the corner and more.

Oh and be sure to stick around to hear Robert's fun story about all of his personal devices!

Kevin Pitts from Duke CE joins The Intersect to talk about what he's seen through the years working with numerous organizations on executive education offerings, what the new trends are, what those of us not in executive education may not know about the industry, and more!

Donna and Nabeel welcome you to the inaugural episode of The Intersect, a bi-weekly podcast focusing on the intersection of business, technology and learning


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